IMCA Indianapolis Muslim Community Association

Board Members

(*Ahl-el-Sunnah wal-Jannah shall mean those who fallow the four (4) righteous Khalifaits- and the two succeeding generations, i.e. Taab 'ie and Taab 'iee At-Tabieen.)

Azher Khan - Treasurer

Azher is happy to see new and young members in the Jamat.  He believes it is time to include more in the management process in order to develop the next generation of community leaders. He wants IMCA to represent new community demographics while attracting more youth members, yet at the same time, he wishes to continue the vision and heritage of our organization.

Eyas Raddad - Chairman

Eyas’ upbringing was deeply rooted in Islam, being raised in a faithful family, with commitment to charity and helping others, which shaped his passion for service. He seeks opportunities to be of value to others, especially where his background can be of most help.

Ali (David) Hackett

Operations Manager

the first mosque in the Indianapolis area founded in 1970


Henry Hane - Member at Large

Br. Henry has happily lent his voice to the MTI parents and the IMCA community members for over a decade. Inshaa Allahu, he will continue to lend his voice to all parents and community members, as he derives pleasure from witnessing the success of our community and school. 

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Indianapolis Muslim Community Association started in 1970 as Masjid Al-Fajr, the first mosque in the Indianapolis area, located on Leon Street. At that time, only a handful of Muslims lived in the city. We broke grounds in our current location on Cold Spring Road in 1990, which turned a complex of Islamic life, including a Masjid, a full-time school, and a Sunday school. Most of other Indianapolis metro area mosques started as off-shoots of Masjid Al-Fajr. 

We pride ourselves to be home to the most diverse Muslim community in town, exemplifying the brotherhood that is at the core teaching of our faith. 

About Us

Safiyyah Mustafa - Member at Large

Our Mission

To fulfill the teachings of Islam

To assist Muslims to live according to the teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah as provided by Ahl-el-Sunnah wal-Jamah*; and to present the religion of Islam to the general public.


02. Work to improve morals in society by enjoining good and forbidding evil.

Build a strong and dynamic Islamic Community in Central Indiana by establishing Islamic institutions and conducting religious, educational, social, and charitable activities for the community, For the purpose of this document Islamic institutions are defined as Mosques or Islamic educational entities and foundations.


03. Present Islam to the general public with respect and tolerance for other faiths

Work with other religious organizations to promote harmony and understanding for other faiths and denominations.

Anisse Adni

Associate Imam and Community Organizer