IMCA Indianapolis Muslim Community Association

Iqama Times

6:30 am

1:43 pm weekdays

1:15pm weekends

4:10 pm
5 minutes after sunset
7:45 pm

 Jummah Service        


Khutbah will start at 1:30pm inshallah

Assalamu Alaikum wa RahmatulLahi wa Barakatuh.

If you know of anyone who has been affected directly or through family members by the executive order by  President Trump please let us know. 

In the meanwhile, wait for more clear guidance from national civil rights organizations before traveling abroad to avoid running into trouble coming in the USA.

Allah is the greatest protector!!!

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Our goal for the month is to raise $12,000 for Masjid maintenance. We would like to raise $2,000 during Jummah Service In Shaa Allah. Please help us meet this goal by donating.

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 In this blessed month, we ask that you help us feed the poor and needy among us!

As the Prophet Mohammad Sallalalahu Alayhi wa Sallam is reported to have said, “He is not a Muslim who goes to bed satiated while his neighbor goes hungry”.

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